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Quantum Knowledge Strategic Solutions, Inc. (QKS2) provides proactive, mission ready software and hardware solutions for any industry with an emphasis on training and tactical readiness. Register to get a demo of our premiere compliance tracking and training management software suite, ArtisX4:

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A Tactical Solution for a Strategic Problem

Accountability is vital to any effective team, both internally and to the public. Quantum Knowledge’s meticulously designed compliance tracking and training management software suite and built-in liability defense features ensure that everyone is up to speed and protected, physically and civilly.

We Know You

We’ve drawn on years of insight from experience in the industries we serve to design systems, products, and services that meet the needs of a modern, tactical workforce, without stressing budgets.

We’re Different

Quantum Knowledge’s primary objective is to support our clients by conducting business differently than you have experienced before. We have no seat licenses, no record limits, and no user limits. Our products do not require a large, upfront capital expenditure with additional, yearly maintenance fees after the fact. We also do not require additional support contract fees: as long as you are customer, you are supported. Most importantly: we won’t ever shut off your service. You pay once, or pay the same rate every year, depending on the services you want. Easy pricing, easy payment, flexible choices.

We Support You

Your job may change and your threats may change, but your budget rarely does. Quantum Knowledge products are designed specifically to meet the budgetary needs of clients of any size, without having to bring in the bureaucrats. We give you all the information you need before you buy, with no pesky salesmen. Once you’re on board, you’ll get personal service for life. We give you space to do your job, but we’ll always have your back.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in making it easier to track training, while also improving compliance management, contact us today. We’ll help you discover the best way to seamlessly integrate ArtisX4 software into your routine. No pushy sales guys or annoying calls, just straight talk from someone who knows it’s more important for you to be doing your job than talking on the phone.