The Force Behind Your Force

We understand that whether you’re in public safety, private security, or the military, you don’t have the time or the inclination to wrestle with inefficient training management software. You need a compliance tracking and training management software suite that’s easy to use and effective. ArtisX4 has your back.

Our compliance tracking and training management software solutions are explicitly designed with your needs in mind. ArtisX4’s training, certification, and qualification management tools ensure that your staff is trained up, your materials are all in one place, and you can better defend yourself, and your agency, in liability litigation.
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Partners in Safety

The key to safety is being proactive. ArtisX4 compliance tracking and training management software is designed to ensure that everyone on your team is current with their training requirements and qualified with their equipment so they can do their jobs correctly. Not only will you be aware of who needs time in the classroom, but you’ll always have a detailed, tamper-proof record of every person under your supervision, helping provide you with a level of liability defense. Knowing who needs what training, and their compliance with equipment qualification, protects your agency and personnel on the street and in the court room.

Protecting Your Budget

Our pricing model is deliberately designed to meet the budgeting needs of everyone from small local agencies to massive private operations. We understand firsthand the value of quality mission critical data tracking software and we believe that it should be available to anyone that wants to keep their employees, and their organization, safe. Quantum Knowledge software prices generally fall under the umbrella of discretionary spending. Pricing is simple and everything you need to know is right here on our site. It’s a full-service, lifetime solution that shows up on your ledger as budget dust: $325 for each package and $975 for the entire suite.

Simple, straightforward

ArtisX4 is clean, efficient, and intuitive: no codes to learn and no need to become a programmer. Once you sign on, we’ll give you everything you need for a comprehensive, easy-to-use method of managing your organization's training, including tracking your employee training, certifications and qualifications. If you need any support down the line, you’ll receive personal, one-on-one service from an ArtisX4 technician because we’re here to serve those that serve their communities.

We won’t nickel and dime you with software upgrades, use limitations, or maintenance fees either. We believe that quality data tracking is too important for that. No seat licenses, no record limits, no user limits, no support contracts. We do offer add-on services, but they are not add-ons that are required for our software to work, they are for your convenience to get you operational faster.

To give it a try, register here. We promise you won’t get a pushy sales guy calling you every day. Try out the software, if you like it, we’ll get you going for just $325 per package or $975 for the entire suite of comprehensive compliance management tools.

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If you’re interested in making it easier to track training, while also improving compliance management, contact us today. We’ll help you discover the best way to seamlessly integrate ArtisX4 software into your routine. No pushy sales guys or annoying calls, just straight talk from someone who knows it’s more important for you to be doing your job than talking on the phone.