Across the Scanner 5/11 – Ferguson, Community Policing and Fallen Heroes

Posted on 05-12-2015 in Across the Scanner

Officers remembered

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Former St. Louis Police Chief Weighs In on Police Training

In an interview with St. Louis public radio, former police chief Dan Isom discussed ways to improve police training, as well as foster a strong relationship with the community. Isom is a member of St. Louis’ Ferguson Commission, a task force dedicated to improving conditions in Ferguson, Missouri.


Counties Across the Country Reassess Training for Mentally Ill

In light of several high profile incidents between police officers and the mentally ill, crisis intervention training is gaining traction all over the country. Learn more about the trend in our recent blog.


Community Policing Is Working in Fresno

Community policing efforts have taken a hit in recent years, as funding has been diverted to homeland security and other, more concrete expenditures, but it’s still going strong in Fresno, CA. Over the past decade, officers in Fresno have worked to build trust with the community and have had success dismantling an entrenched gang structure.


Slain Mississippi Officers Mourned

Officers in Hattiesburg, MS mourned their fallen colleagues at a memorial service on Monday. Officers Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate were fatally shot during a traffic stop last week. At the memorial service, fellow officers recalled Deen’s heroism in rescuing a family from a burning building and Tate’s enthusiasm for his new career as an officer. Four men have been charged in connection with the killings.



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