Across the Scanner 5/18 – Police Funding, Blue Courage and Reform in Camden

Posted on 05-20-2015 in Uncategorized

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Ohio Police Training Coming Down to Funding

In a scenario that’s all too familiar to departments around the country, Ohio is calling for an increase in police training, but doesn’t know where the funding is going to come from. This situation emphasizes the need for affordable public safety tool options for departments of all sizes.


Blue Courage Helps Officers Focus on What’s Important

A retired police commander, Michael Nila, has developed a police training method called Blue Courage. The aim of Blue Courage is to train officers to always be aware of the nobility of policing and to serve with honor and integrity – without getting burned out by the heavy emotional toll that policing takes.


President Obama Curtails “Military Style” Equipment for Police

On the recommendation of a task force assembled in January, the president prohibited police departments from using federal dollars on tracked armored vehicles, highest-caliber weapons and ammunition and camouflage uniforms. The decision has been met with criticism by police advocates.

Police Reform In Camden

President Obama made his announcement in Camden, NJ, a notoriously poor and violent community that has recently been touted as a poster city for police reform. Three years ago, Camden totally restructured the police department, bringing it under county, rather than city, control and taking advantage of advanced data gathering techniques. The city has seen a 40 percent reduction in the murder rate since the changes.



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