Across the Scanner 5/25 – Guardians, Potty Training and Burglars

Posted on 05-27-2015 in Across the Scanner

Jimmy Kimmel Cops

Each week at Quantum Knowledge, we round up the biggest news stories, best tactical advice and other pressing information for anyone involved with law enforcement, private security or any industry that needs strategic training tools.


Wits Over Weapons

The eternal dichotomy of being a police officer is the ability to be perceived as tough by bad guys, but comforting to law-abiding citizens. Increasingly, departments are pivoting training away from embracing the tough guy image to focusing on developing a protector image.


Minnesota Police Getting Fresh Training Digs

Police in St. Paul are getting a brand new $18m training facility courtesy of a partnership between the city and the St. Paul Port Authority, as well as a $3m donation by an anonymous donor. The new facility would include classrooms and an indoor firing range.


Jimmy Kimmel Helps Train Capitol Police

In light of a recent case of capitol police leaving their guns in the restroom, Jimmy Kimmel has come to their rescue with a helpful training video.


Think Like a Criminal to Catch a Criminal

The Columbus Police Department has teamed up with the Ohio prison system to produce a video in which three former burglars share how they plied their trade prior to being arrested. Hopefully, the video helps homeowners protect themselves from crime and deters future would-be criminals from ending up in the same place.




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