Across the Scanner 5/4 – Body Cameras, NYPD and Good Cops

Posted on 05-05-2015 in Across the Scanner

QKS2 Police Training

Each week at Quantum Knowledge, we round up the biggest news stories, best tactical advice and other pressing information for anyone involved with law enforcement, private security or any industry that needs strategic training tools.

Police Consider Reevaluating Use of Force
The New York Times published a massive story about police training tactics and the way training officers should respond to the low levels of violent crime in the United States. The article questions old standbys like the 21-foot rule and the ratio of firearm and defensive training compared to de-escalation training.

Kentucky Cops Receiving Body Cam Training
Officers in Louisville, Kentucky are currently receiving training on how to operate body cameras. Chief Kenny Kavanaugh hopes to have every officer trained and equipped with a body cam by Monday, May 11.

The Cops You Don’t Hear About
Bob Schieffer of CBS News talks about the cops you don’t hear about on the news, the ones who go out and serve their communities with pride every day.

See How New York Trains Its Finest
The Associated Press took a camera crew for a behind the scenes look at NYPD training. You can view the embedded video below.

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