Across the Scanner 6/01 – Ohio Training Reform, CO Cops Short on Cash and a Touching Story from Texas

Posted on 06-03-2015 in Across the Scanner

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Ohio Still Weighing Police Training

Ohio has spent much of the past year evaluating its police training standards. Recently, the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission voted to require that all Ohio officers have a high school degree or the equivalent. The commission will continue to explore possible changes for Ohio cops.

Fort Collins Cops Waiting on Money for New Training Center

A proposed regional training center for police in Ft. Collins, CO, is on hold while lawmakers discuss how to shoulder the cost of the project. When built, the center will have a track where officers can hone their driving skills, as well as 30 firing range lanes.

Cleveland Settles with the Federal Government

Cleveland has reached a settlement with the US Department of Justice that will lead to overhauls in the way the city trains its police. The settlement comes at the conclusion of an 18 month investigation by the DoJ into the city’s police practices. The changes to police training will emphasize community policing and de-escalation techniques.

Texas Cop Attends Teen’s Graduation

Lt. Eric Ellison has gone viral for his display of support at a recent high school graduation. On May 24, Ellison had the unfortunate duty of telling Kazzie Portie, 18, that his parents had been killed in a collision. A few days later, Ellison attended Portie’s graduation and the two shared an embrace as the young man received his diploma.

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