Across the Scanner 6/08 – Terror Training, VIPO, and Maryland Police Training Review

Posted on 06-09-2015 in Across the Scanner

Department of Homeland Security

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Federal Government Training Police on How to Respond to Terror Attacks

On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security released a strategic guide for first responders dealing with explosives and active shooters. The 68-page document outlines 10 different scenarios and how to deal with them, as well as more general emergency preparedness advice.

VIPO Hosts Training in Massachusetts

The Violently Injured Police Officers Organization (VIPO) hosted a training session in Burlington, MA. Officers from 45 communities came to the session and learned how to handle situations where an officer is violently injured in the line of duty. Attendees also heard firsthand accounts of the toll that violent injury inflicts on an officer.

USA Today Reporter Fails Police Training

Marisol Bello of USA Today took part in a training exercise with the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund where she had to make simulated split-second life or death decisions. Bello took part in four different shoot-don’t-shoot exercises and says that she failed each one.

Maryland Reviewing Police Training Standards

In the wake of widespread unrest, a Maryland special task force on law enforcement began hearing testimony Monday about current police standards in the state. The 20 member panel will engage in hearings and research over the course of the summer, before making recommendations to state lawmakers.

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