Across the Scanner 6/15 – Attack on Dallas HQ, Youth Training, and M&P9 Time

Posted on 06-16-2015 in Across the Scanner

Smith & Wesson Training

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Attempted Attack on Dallas Police Fails

An anti-police gunman attempted to mount an attack on the Dallas police headquarters using both guns and bombs. He then fled in an armored vehicle. The Dallas PD was able dispose of the bombs with robots and the attacker was killed by a police sniper.

Cleveland Cops Training for Youth

Twenty Cleveland police officers will spend 32 hours training on how to improve interaction with young people. These initial twenty trainees will then help train their fellow officers on effective techniques for engaging with youth.

Retooling Training Nationwide

The Associated Press took a deeper look at the changing attitudes toward police conduct across the nation – including the emphasis on “demilitarizing” public safety, as well as steps to make police feel more community-focused. For instance, instead of saluting, cadets in Washington are now required to make small talk with academy staffers as if they were citizens on the street.

LA County Cops Getting Extra Time with their M&P9

Los Angeles County sheriffs recently adopted the Smith & Wesson M&P9 and the new gun is causing some problems, chiefly, an increase in accidental discharges. The safety-less weapon is easier to fire accurately than the old Beretta used by the department, but it’s also easier to accidentally discharge. In response, the county is upping the training hours required for the weapon.



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